Illustrator addict !


Illustrator addict !


About Me

"vectorial addicted"

I am a self-taught illustrator.
After a long time like graphic, I went to live two years in Amazonia. Upon my return in France, I gave life to my second passion after drawing, games. So I opened a games store. I had three years to find my way back to the graphic work and co-creating board games and card games such as "Phantom" or "Maswana." Present days, I make illustrations for games and I'm involved in their creation as much as possible, while preparing a book and making to more personal works.
If you need of me, contact me. It's always a pleasure to draw.

All my works are made with "Adobe Illustrator", exclusively in vector.

software used :

Illustrator, Photoshop, In-Design, Artrage


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